The Story

Three young cousins are chosen as warriors by Elegba, Master of Gateways, to save endangered galaxies while trying to learn teamwork as a family.

When I was growing up, I loved watching anything that was science fiction. Sci-fi was so much fun and always stretched my imagination. So when I decided my next comic book series was going to be something that my 14 years old self would enjoy, I knew it had to be a science fiction story. I wanted it to be a world expanding adventure like Flash Gordon. I also wanted the characters to be a family like the Fantastic Four. Lastly, I wanted to wrap that into an afrocentric motif. This fusion of ideas birthed the epic sci-fi adventure called Galaxy Cadets!

Be sure to follow us as we create this story.

-Newton Lilavois
Creator/Writer of Galaxy Cadets

We’re currently working on inking the pages of Galaxy Cadets. Check out some preview pages below.

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